Texas Country Lyrics Needs You!

As you may have noticed, lately there haven’t been many Tweets by @TXCountryLyrics. The truth is, there’s only one person behind the website, blog and Twitter. That’s me. Lately, I’ve had almost zero free time to dedicate to TCL. I’ve actually been meaning to write this post for almost two weeks but I haven’t been able to get around to it.

This is where y’all come in. At the Texas Country and Red Dirt scenes’ core is a community of music lovers who make the genre great. I need a handful of Texas Country enthusiasts who would like to volunteer to help keep TCL alive and kicking and make it the best Twitter and site it can be.

As I said, I don’t have the same free time I used to, and I’d like to use more of my free time to make the site great. I have a lot of things planned based on TCL followers’ suggestions, but right now I can barely keep the Tweets going. I want TCL to become more of a community effort, bringing in lyric Tweets from all subgenres of Texas Country and from all over the region. I want “I” to become “we.”

Here’s what we need:

  • 2-4 Tweeters: Tweeters will be responsible for tweeting Texas Country/Red Dirt lyrics on the TCL Twitter.
  • 3-5 Blog Writers: Bloggers will be responsible for updating the blog with news about the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene.
  • 1-2 Blog Editors: Blog editors will be responsible for approving posts and editing them for grammar, content, etc.
  • Web Designer: The site and Twitter could use a new design.

These are rough estimates and we may need more than this in the end.

At this point in time, there would be no compensation for any of these roles and everything would be performed on strictly a volunteer basis. Selected volunteers, however, will get an @txcountrylyrics.com email address and first-hand info on plans to improve the website and Twitter.

If you’re 16 or older and are interested, please send an email to webmaster@txcountrylyrics.com with your name, what role you would like to perform and a quick little blurb about yourself explaining why you’d be great for the position.

Thanks, y’all!


Texas Country Lyrics Reaches 1,000 Followers

Today, our twitter, TXCountryLyrics┬áreached 1,000 followers. When we started this, we never even imagined we’d reach this many people. It’s obvious how popular and special the Texas Country and Red Dirt music scene is, and the popularity continues to grow.

There’s something different about the singer/songwriters that make up this music genre, and there’s something about the crazy fans that will cram into a tiny music venue just to hear their favorite band play for the 12th time. With pop music and pop country dominating the air (and video) waves, it’s refreshing to hear music written by an artist for the sake of the music, not the sake of money or fame. The artists, venues, radio stations and fans like you are what make this genre special.

So, we’d like to give a huge thanks to all of our followers and all the fans of Texas Country and Red Dirt music, and an even bigger thanks to all the Texas Country artists out there, big and small. Without y’all, there wouldn’t be great live music venues like Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth or The Blue Light in Lubbock. And without y’all, we wouldn’t be here.

Soon, we’ll be releasing our list of the Top 100 Texas Country songs of the past 25 years. If anything, this list will be debatable and will give you something to talk about, or yell at us for. It’s just a little something we came up with to say thanks. We know it’s not much, but at least you can see what songs we enjoy, and you can let us know what songs we left off.

So thanks again! We’ll continue to tweet the music as long as y’all continue to play it loud — or at least retweet it.

Josh Abbott Band’s single “Touch” released on iTunes.

Josh Abbott Band’s newest hit single “Touch” has been released on iTunes this Valentine’s, Tuesday morning. What looks to be a very promising release will soon be tested. Abbott, a former Red Raider, played in his college town of Lubbock, Texas this past Friday evening for over 400 fellow Red Raiders and Lubbockites who seemed to fall in love with the hit single.

Check out the preview below.

[amazon_mp3_clips widget_type=”ASINList” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”Josh Abbott Band – Touch” market_place=”US” shuffle_tracks=”False” max_results=”” asin=”B0071T1KOI” /]